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Over the past several years you’ve probably read or seen news across print media or even on the Internet regarding CBD oil. But what exactly is CBD oil? Is it even legal to use? And most of all, how can you actually benefit from it?

These are all very common and important questions we get here at Blackwell CBD on a regular basis, and questions we’re about to address for you in greater detail below...


What Is CBD Oil and Where Does It Come From?

Did you know that CBD has actually been used for thousands of years, across the world in different cultures, and even dates back as far as the end of the first Ice Age? It’s true. But what exactly IS CBD and WHERE does it come from (and WHY have people used it for thousands of years)?

The CBD oil and other related products we offer here at Blackwell CBD is only sourced from high-quality legal Hemp (not Marijuana). Both hemp and Marijuana are both part of the Cannabis plant family. Natural Hemp is higher in CBD oil and much lower in THC. Marijuana, on the other hand, is much higher in THC and lower in CBD. Both Hemp and Marijuana not only look different but are also grown and used much differently.

 - Marijuana is used for medicinal and recreational purposes and is still illegal across most states (although this is quickly changing thanks to mounting positive medical research and new laws).

 - Hemp is used in fabrics, clothing and even in rope and building materials thanks to its overall strength and flexibility. And of course, CBD oil is also sourced directly from Hemp as well thanks to its higher levels of CBD concentration.

Our premium CBD oil products here at Blackwell CBD are not only 100% THC-Free and sourced directly from Hemp, but it’s entirely legal, and tastes great as well!


What Are the Main Health Benefits of Using CBD Oil?

CBD oil has numerous health benefits for both the mind and body. Modern science and scientific research not only continue to back up the amazing health benefits that’s associated with Hemp-derived CBD but now its use is becoming more mainstream in today’s society as well. 

What’s so amazing about CBD oil is that a little goes a long way. Just a few drops of CBD oil can have a tremendous positive impact on the mind and body and do it without any toxic or unwanted side-effects that are usually associated with prescription drugs.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the primary health benefits that CBD can offer you…

- Improves Mood, Personal Vitality & Happiness

CBD has been shown to have the same effect on the brain as serotonin (known as the “happy chemical”) to help improve overall mood, personal vitality, and happiness. And it does this without the “high” of THC found in Marijuana.

- Reduces Chronic Pain & Body Inflammation

One of the most significant benefits of CBD oil is its natural ability to cut down on inflammation in the body as well as chronic pain. It does this by not only acting as a powerful anti-inflammatory but also in the way it helps block pain receptors in the brain. This 1-2 punch can help you if you suffer from painful arthritis, other joint pain, headaches or muscle aches.

- Improves Overall Cardiovascular Health

CBD has high levels of Omega-3 and Omega-5 fatty acids which are considered healthy fats for the brain but also to help with one’s heart health. Omega fatty acids help with the reduction of cholesterol levels, which in turn helps lowers risk for heart disease, blood pressure, and strokes.

- A Healthy Alternative for Depression and Anxiety

If you suffer from depression, panic attacks or even chronic anxiety, CBD can help you in a very natural and soothing way. Thanks to the higher levels of phytocannabinoids in CBD oil, the effect on your body and nervous system will be calming, but in a very subtle way without any unwanted side-effects.

- Experience a Much Better Night’s Sleep

Suffer from insomnia or wish you could have a deeper and more restful night’s sleep? CBD oil can help. The natural compounds found in Hemp-derived CBD can give you just the right sedative effect you need (for both mind and body) to help you fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake with much more energy.


How Does CBD Actually Work Inside the Body?

CBD oil is one of the most natural “medicines” directly from Mother Nature herself that can have a tremendous impact on your own personal health and vitality (and without the typical costs and side-effects of prescription medications). 

CBD works by targeting over 65 different molecular targets within the body, many of which are “receptors” in the brain. These receptors include Serotonin Receptors (to help reduce anxiety and stress), Vanilloid Receptors (to mediate inflammation, pain and even body temperature), GPR55, and PPAR.  

CBD also works as a natural reuptake and breakdown inhibitor. This increases the levels of endocannabinoid levels in the brain’s synapses to create some pretty amazing health benefits including: anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects, regulation of oxygen levels and blood flow, as well as having a neuroprotective effect on the brain. And last but not least, CBD acts as a positive allosteric modulator of the GABA-A receptor. CBD reduces anxiety by actually changing the shape of the GABA-A receptor in a way that boosts the overall natural calming effects associated with GABA. And it does this without the “high” associated with TCH found in Marijuana.


Full Spectrum vs. Isolate CBD:

When comparing the effectiveness of 2 different CBD (Cannabidiol) products it, unfortunately, isn't as simple as comparing the number of milligrams of CBD used. To get a full understanding of the product you're looking at, you need to first determine if it's made from a Full Spectrum oil or an Isolate. Full Spectrum CBD or also known as Broad Spectrum CBD, simply put, has all (or some) of the other 113 Cannabinoids found in Cannabis including, CBN (Cannabinol), CBDV (Cannabidivarin) and THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin) to name a few. CBD isolate is CBD in it's purest form, with all of the other plant material being removed during the extraction process, leaving behind a pure powder or crystal-like substance.

Currently, early science is suggesting these other Cannabinoids (CBN, CBDV, THCV, etc.) can actually increase the efficacy of CBD within the human body by taking advantage of what's known as the "Entourage Effect" where these various Cannabinoids synergistically work together to amplify the effectiveness each other, providing greater overall relief. This isn't to say, however, that CBD isolate is not an effective way to consume CBD, CBD isolates still provides great overall relief. This new data is just now showing that the combination of CBD and other Cannabinoids can help overcome some of the limitations currently being observed in science. 




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